Biodynamic Wines

Not many people know about biodynamic wines, they often get confused with organic wines. While they both espouse the use of chemicals, they are very different in other r2013-sarment-reveals-top-five-biodynamic-winesespects. Biodynamics is an energy management system, and it is basically about creating a balance between the vine, the man, earth, and the stars.

The concept of biodynamics isn’t unique to viticulture. It was started over 100 years ago by philosopher Rudolph Steiner. He applied biodynamics to farming in general. Interestingly – it pre-dates organic farming by approximately 20 years.

Biodynamics starts before the winemaking even begins, in the vineyards. From planting to pruning to harvesting – these tasks are done according to the biodynamic calendar. It is based on four different days – Fruit, Root, Flower, and Leaf days.

Fruit days are for harvesting grapes, root days are for pruning the vines, flower days are when the vines should be left alone, and leaf days are ideal for watering.

In addition to following the biodynamic calendar, no chemicals are used, as well as no additions that are ‘manufactured’, such as commercial yeast. Natural ingredients are added to special compost preparations, are used instead.

For a wine to be classified as biodynamic, it has to be certified. Biodynamic wine producers have to follow strict rules and regulations.

As mentioned earlier, not many people know about biodynamics. As a wine lover, if you want to take your wine hobby to the next level and share all your knowledge (and opinions) with others, why not start a dedicated wine-related website? To get started you can look at some to find out the best host for you.

Going back to biodynamic wines – wine made following the concept of biodynamics don’t taste different to wines made the ‘traditional’ way. There are more than 620 biodynamic wine producers all over the world from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Eastern Europe, India, and the United States.

Biodynamic wines age just as well as non-biodynamic wines and are often described as ‘balanced’. Proponents of biodynamic wines also believe that these display more characteristics of their terroir.

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